Thank You For Visiting SoCo Silver Co. By Kayla Ficco

"I handcrafted each piece uniquely different with authentic sterling silver, turquoise, and other authentic stones! Each piece of jewelry I create is one of a kind." -Kayla

Meet the Maker

SoCo Silver is a new small business independently run by me, Kayla Ficco, a self-taught silversmith who is Majoring in Agriculture business. I got the idea to learn how to solder after I made my first ring on a lathe in my woodshop class. I've always had a love for jewelry and creating things of my own!

The Product

Each ring is made out of sterling silver and set with natural authentic turquoise. All the jewelry is handmade by me out of Sonoma County, California.


I am open to doing custom pieces. If you reach out to me with an idea at we can discuss the design and price of your piece!


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